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Suffolk Coastal District Council Policy SSP42 – Coastal Change Management Area
Site Allocations and Area Specific Policies Development Plan Document
Proposed Submission Document – April 2016 (extract)

Any proposals for new dwellings or conversion of existing buildings to residential use will
not be permitted in the Coastal Change Management Area identified on the Policies Map.

All other new development, redevelopment, extensions to existing property and
development or intensification of land uses will only be permitted where it can be
demonstrated through the submission of a Coastal Erosion Vulnerability Assessment
(CEVA) that it will result in no increased risk to life or significant increase in risk to

Proposals for new or replacement coastal defence schemes will only be permitted where it
can be demonstrated that the works are consistent with the management approach for
the frontage presented in the relevant Shoreline Management Plan and there will be no
material adverse impact on the environment. To help inform responses to coastal
management proposals on the AONB, specialist advice is available and should be

Planning applications for all development within and 30 metres landward of the Coastal
Change Management Area(CCMA) identified on the Policies Map must be accompanied by
a Coastal Erosion Vulnerability Assessment.

 Thorpeness CCMA map

  Thorpeness CCMA_001

End of CCMA update

Shoreline Management Plan 7 (Previously Sub-Cell 3C)
Section 8 (Plan Updates) and the full SMP is available at

Revision A, April 2015 : Policy Units MIN 13.3 & ALB 14.1 – Thorpeness
Changes to PDZ4v9 section 4.4.4 and PDZ5v9 section 4.5.4 (extracts)

Revised Policy: MIN 13.3

1st epoch until 2025:       Managed Realignment with the current alignment maintained at existing defences (previously no active intervention)

2nd epoch 2025 – 2050: Managed Realignment with review of maintaining the current alignment at existing defences (previously no active intervention)

3rd epoch 2055 – 2105:    Managed Realignment

Revised Policy: ALB 14.1

1st epoch until 2025:       Managed Realignment (previously no active intervention)

2nd epoch 2025 – 2050: Managed Realignment (previously no active intervention)

3rd epoch 2055 – 2105:   Managed Realignment (previously no active intervention)

The revised policy assumes the DEFRA definition of Managed Realignment: allowing the shoreline to move backwards or forwards, with management to control or limit movement (such as reducing erosion or building new defences on the landward side of the original defences). This would not preclude the shoreline remaining in its current position if this is sustainable.

In the light of new evidence since 2010 the revised policy recognises that intervention may be necessary to provide positive management of the shoreline position in response to episodic events within the 100 year framework of the SMP.  It does not make or imply a commitment to measures which may be unaffordable, unsustainable or have adverse impacts.

The existing policy unit boundaries remain unchanged. There is no intention to actively manage the area north of the existing defences in front of North End Avenue which is still within the boundary of MIN 13.3. For the small area to the south of Haven House Managed Realignment will align with the policy of the adjacent policy unity ALB 14.2 through all epochs and therefore remove any inconsistency or artificial boundary.

End of SMP update


Neighbourhood Plan briefing August 2016

These are some charts which you are welcome to view and discuss at the drop-in event on 23rd August (see News tab)

Page 1 words landscape.jpg

Page 1 pics landscape.jpg

Page 2 words landscape.jpg

Page 2 pics landscape.jpg

Page 3 words landscape.jpg

Page 3 pics landscape.jpg

End of Neighbourhood Plan briefling